Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remington SP-42 XLR foil screen & cutter blade head

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* Amazon Sales Rank: #31001 in Health and Beauty


* Fits Models: XLR500, 8DCF-2, XLR700, XLR710, 6MF1-K, XLR800, XLR810, 6MF1, XLR900, XLR920, XLR930, 9BF2-1C, XLR1000, 6MF1, XLR1010, 8MF1, XLR2000, 5MF1, XLR2500, 8BF2-1C, XLR3000, 5BF1, MM300, 5DCF2

Customer Reviews

A blessing for old razors4
Looks like the Remington item,but no packaging, no instructions(one piece is tricky to remove from razor).
Otherwise a perfect item and sharp as can be.

I dont want a rechargeable razor but that is all I can find now. This allows me to repair my old unit.

I would buy again.

Remington SP-42 XLR foil screen & cutter blade head4
I'm delighted with my purchase. This item is no longer available in stores. The foil screen & cutter blade head worked perfectly. I've gained several more years use from my razors. Thanks!!

Good product, service a little slow.4
The screen and cutter were ordered together. When they arrived, they were not in Remington packing but in seperate plastic bags. The screen did not have the Remington applicator and was a little more difficult to install but worked fine when installed. I have got the same quality shave with these components as I have gotten with Remington packaged supplies. Since screens and cutters are packaged seperately, it would be nice if they could be ordered seperately as screens need to be changed twice as often.
The price was right and I will order again from this supplier. I gave four instead of five stars because it took them about a week to ship my order after I ordered.

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